Bag1 is issued from a study about ordinary utensils and archetypal motifs that are interpreted differently without denying their original form, while being given new functions. The Bag series is based on an ordinary object in its function: content/storage and yet made out of a noble material, leather. One of the most archetypal and useful utensils of our time, the carrier bag, is reformed to last as a durable piece of furniture.

Casimir is a Belgian industrial designer who is celebrating three decades in the Design industry and has won several awards with the production of six wooden objects that straddle the line between furniture and art. He describes himself as a furniture artist, although abstract in form, all of his designs are intended to be used. Casimir chose to work with wood as he rates the authenticity of the material and its sustainable nature.

Material: solid European oak in natural finish and sheep leather

Dimension: 120 x 43 x 181 cm

Additional information: length can be customised upon request