The Bag1 Standing Shelf is crafted from the finest leather for a timeless, stylish look. Its shape and structure have been subtly altered to maximize storage while still looking great. This flexible material follows the shape of its contents, contributing to its superior storage capabilities and respect for the craftsmanship and lasting properties of leather. Reimagine your space with Bag1.

With three decades in the design industry and several awards under his belt, Casimir, a Belgian industrial designer, produces six pieces of furniture that are also art. Self-labeling himself as a furniture artist, Casimir chooses to work with wood due to its authenticity and sustainability. The products straddle the duality of art and furniture, all intended for use-cases.

Material: solid European oak in natural finish and sheep leather

Dimension: 120 x 43 x 181 cm

Additional information: length can be customised upon request