The Beaubien Collection’s strong black lines bend in and out of space, moving effortlessly between simplicity and ornamentation. Round and cubic brass connectors complete the lamps’ structures and add a rich material contrast to the powder-coated rods. The collection’s industrial and graphic aesthetic is imbued with a palette of influences, from traditional Chinese screens to the Memphis movement. Each influence strengthens the collection, creating nuance within its timeless character.

The Canadian based lighting studio Lambert & Fils, continuously delves into the interplay of technology and design to create illuminating pieces. The core ideology centers around the "essence of materials," where light is revered in all its manifestations, examining dimension and the significance of materials.

Material: powder-coated rods and brass canopy - also available in brass or graphite rods and white canopy

Dimension: standing/ ceiling: H1524 x L432 x D508 mm Dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly - Wire length 47.25 x 3048 mm

Colour: rods available in black powder-coated, brass or graphite - Canopy available in brass or white

Additional information: additional costs apply: BEA01CE brass: +2.590€ and for graphite/ black body:  155€ - BEA01WA brass: +2.590€ and for graphite/ black body:  155€