Also known as the “White Giants” these Beni Ouarain  rugs are hand-woven by berber tribes. The Beni Ouarain belongs to the seventeen different tribes that live in the Atlas mountains. Some have come to the lowlands to farm, but many still raise sheep in the higher mountains. The sheep produce excellent quality of wool from which these beautiful rugs are made of. The White Giants are naturally dyed  with henna, almond leaves, indigo, iron sulfate, cochineal among others. They were used  only by moroccan locals until the mid to late 20th century. The true vintage and mid-century Beni Ourain rugs are sophisticated and simple – which makes them sought after by the top interior designers and consumers from all around the globe.

Similar items available in various size upon request

Material: 100% wool

Dimension: 235 x 155cm