By letting the palm tree speak its native and original language, the collection chooses a raw refinement. The meticulous hand braiding forms a mat that reveals the warm exoticism of the buri. The fibre will be used as a textile or, as here, transformed into a wall covering.

CMO Paris publishes rare textiles and wall coverings from far away. Created in an artisanal way by true masters of natural fibres. A passion for these exceptional materials they cultivate for more than 20 years, with which they decorate prestigious places. The wall coverings and textiles of their collection express their intrinsic qualities: finesse, rawness, richness and authenticity.

Material: 100% palm leaf on non woven backing - Buri quality 

Dimensions: usable width 90cm 

Additional information : certified fire resistant - due to the nature of the fibre, colours may vary from one production to another

Référence: - Buri blond: CMO WPA 05 15 

Price: per width/ 152€