Cervione is one of the works by multidisciplinary artist Jean Grisoni. Through his years of expertise and knowledge of art and jewelry, his inspiration is equally drawn from his maternal Mediterranean roots, while keeping as a base reference of design. Jean forges bronze in the register of brutal poetry, he subtlety plays with this material combining it with other mediums, often at the antipode of the metal. His style is marked by the duality of textures, smooth and rugged, poor and precious, matte and glossy, roughness and sophistication. His creations are part of a new current of contemporary artist furniture.

Jean Grisoni is an ascetic of the necessary form, an artist of the little. In his eyes, the balance of the world rests on a tiny Garamond print, with its shifted vision, its barely beveled runner, the miracle of its ellipse is being revealed. 

One of a kind piece/ prototype

Material: coffee table with four triangular legs, charcoal drawings on the paper tabletop, mounted on wood. Protective resin

Dimensions: H41 cm - 98 x 98 cm or H41 - 120 x 120cm 

Price: 29000€ for the 120x120cm version

Additional information: this model is exclusively made to order. Thus, the format is on-request either square or rectangular, and the tray is made of original drawings.