Copeau Container

Büro Famos

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Copeau is a series inspired by the movement made while chiselling wood. The handle of the lid, made of solid anodised aluminium, is reminiscent of the shavings created during the woodturning process of the base. Made of ash wood and finished with natural oil. Entirely hand-made in Germany, this exclusive and timeless piece is sure to age gracefully.

Set of 2 containers:
Small: ø 92 mm x H 155 mm 
Large: ø 134 mm x H 169 mm

Büro Famos is a Berlin-based office run by Hanna Litwin and Romin Heide. Together they develop solutions in various fields of design. Drawing on their knowledge of lighting, furniture and accessories, they juggle disciplines in order to create new concepts, combining traditional techniques with new materials and modern processes. This approach results in a rich variety of contemporary products and innovative solutions.