Marapachi Bommais literally translates to ‘wooden dolls’, Marapachi Dolls are an important part of South Indian culture and rituals. Traditionally made of red sandalwood, silk-cotton-wood or red wood, they are displayed during the Golu Festival which is a part of Dussehra and Navratri celebrations. Generally made in male-female pairs, they are often playthings that children dress up and are also symbolic gifts during marriages. This Marapachi represents a female from Sri Kalahasti in Andhra Pradesh is exquisitely crafted and features intricately carved details. Both arms of this vintage statue are missing which gives its singular touch and characteristics alongside with patina or scratches which  should not be seen as flaws.  

Material: Indian sandal wood

Dimension: H18cm

 Additional information: Please keep in mind that vintage items may feature evidence of handcrafted production and should not be misinterpreted as flaws.