Markus j. Freidl is permanently investigating experimental forms based on thousand of his small sketches. He often chooses a shape characterized by intensity and contrast of surfaces and his works to consist – almost always – of multiple parts and are firmly assembled. Instead of ornamenting or decorating, he gives his vessels a different expression through abstract, reduced elements and a few combined stereo-metric basic forms. The development of shaping volumes and contours as well as working on the context of the outer form is a paradoxical concept of harmony. Achieving a dramatic shape is more important to him than the effect of a glaze. The dull and dark surface created supports the perception of contour in many light situations, therefore each vessel has a sculptural intrinsic value.


Sand-colored clay, fine grooves, white craquelée glaze inside 


ø 18,3 x H18,9 cm

Weight: 2000 g. 


Sandy brown clay 

Additional information:  Discus vessel with foot - ref.1835