Dark Moon is a wall-mounted metal and stone light fixture that mimics a form popular in Arts & Crafts jewelry. The sconce’s half-moon is crafted from solid brass that has undergone an aging process of hand-applied jade patina, creating subtle coloration ranging from deep blue-green to carbon black. Below, twelve stone segments dangle from cast brass hardware, forming a freely moving fringe. Each segment is cut from Serpentine marble, whose hues echo the patina of the jade finish above. Light emits from the silhouette of the half moon, diffusing through the stone fringe and highlighting the resonant textures of this illuminated sculpture.


LED, Patinated Metal, Solid Brass, Verde Marble


L 61,9 x D 11,8 x H 53,8 cm


Deep blue-green to carbon black

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Made in New York, USA 

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