Drago is a six-dragon-head ceramic vessel that is a reimagined version of the apothecary pot found in the Orsini-Colonna collection of Castelli. The original was crafted for a wedding trousseau, however the reinterpretation of design studio coseicorso, is crafted with a hand-thrown body and moulded heads. The decoration has been removed from the vase which gives to the piece a singular feature. Made in Italy

coseincorso is a multi-disciplinary design studio, co-founded by Marzia Cerio and Marwann . Their work emphasizes reinvigorating poetics and cultural context in production processes. Through research and crafting items by hand, they promote and transfer existing know-how. Artisans provide materials sourced from the local area, and from the place's history, archaeology, and geography, true essence is captured in their creations.

Material: Terracotta with unleaded glaze

Dimension: H35 x Ø40 cm

Color: available in black or white terracotta with unleaded glaze or matte finish