The Bees and the Stone is a series of clay tableware and vessels made in the Sierra A Mixteca, Puebla where a small community of women perpetuate traditions while fetching the clay in the mountains surrounding their small town. The natural reddish tone of the argil is getting mixed with a local stone powder before getting fired in traditional brick wood ovens. No oil, gas, or electricity is involved in the firing process, which results in a burnished finish- an ancient technique that implies polishing the pieces with a - like quartz - hard stone. This technique allows the pores of the clay to close off and by doing so, make the ceramic waterproof.  Furthermore, the process gives it a singular shine and soft texture without using any glaze. The vibrant and natural shine is resulted by showering the pieces in liquid beeswax, creating a very thin coat which gets fixed while penetrating the first layers of the clay. 

Material: clay 


H17cm x ø 7cm 

Color: available in natural, black, or wine tone

Additional information: natural clay is a very good thermal insulator. It does not get hot with boiling water, so it will protect your fingers when your coffee is very hot.