Exhale skill-fully encases a single blow of glass within a rigid metal structure. The metal form restricts the glass by pinching, hooking, and spiking into the volume during the blowing process, capturing a tense play between the constricting and billowing materials. The entire fixture catches one breath.

Catie Newell is known for taking unexpected turns, in her career and in her work. From flight and engineering, Newell crossed into architecture and design. She seeks to make the familiar unfamiliar, and the material process of fabrication is a vital act in her work. Her installations have unpredictable effects on their surroundings, intervening to highlight what is often left unseen. Exhale, undertaken in partnership with Wes McGee and blower Brian Barber, creates a deep physical resonance between strength, fragility, and the fleeting breath that brings them together.

Material: crystal glass and stainless steel

Dimension:  approx. Ø 30cm 

Available in standing or pendant version