F.M.D Painting

F.M.D Painting

Maximilian Magnus

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Maximilian Magnus is an inter-disciplinary artist who also moves into the realms of performance and conceptual art. His bold but rather gestural lines, drips and planes are a mix of various mediums: oil, acrylic, lacquer, charcoal and pencil. But his main and most expressive medium remains his entire body that  he uses in order to leave powerful gestures which carry emotions he has within. As a child, Maximilian trained as a ballet dancer and this early experience is still tangible in his work today. His powerful  bold movements translate themselves as a force of energy that he manages to bring onto his work. As an abstract painter the artist described himself unlike many of his contemporaries as an emotional painter, inspired by the tidal waves of his own life experiences.


Acrylic on canvas


160 x 170 cm