Rythm Ecru is an artwork taking part of a series created in Matthias Vogel’s textile lab-studio also known as Fault Lines. A place to experiment the traditional idea of textile art, where Matthias has reinterpreted it in his own way. Textile has become the object of his predilection since he worked for several years in the fashion industry around the globe. These geometric and intricate pieces of art are the result of – he exploring diverse weaving techniques, patterns – and translating them into unique woven line scapes. His tangled woven lines take form within a 3D degraded grids, agamograph-patterns, abstract vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines which bring on textured and graphic woven wall rugs.


Nylon threads weaved on wooden frame


Various format available upon request as reference from 50x 50 cm up to

50 x 50 cm