Grebo Kru Mask

Grebo Kru Mask


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Little is known about the use of masks among the Grebo and Kru people of Liberia. The Grebo literally means “Those Who Made It Across the Water,” and according to the legends, they migrated from the sea to their current habitat. As the name they bare, the origins of the Kru people are to these days historically a mystery. Speculations tend to relate their ancestors often depicted as ancient visitors from the sky in the image of their gods. This Grebo Kru mask, was originally designed to terrify the adversary in times of war, and could also serve as a funeral offering for any fallen warrior. The bulging eyes were intended to frighten and repel evil spirits.

Material: dense wood

Dimension: H43 x B20 x D 11cm

Color: Dark brown

Additional information: one of a kind -  if sold similar item available upon request 

Please note that vintage items may feature evidence of handcrafted production and should not be misinterpreted as flaws.