Hiku Tea


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Hiku is a coffee table inspired by the Japanese tea ritual. Circular, it naturally invites its guests to share and exchange thanks to its promiscuity.  Simple in shape yet present due to its proportions, it was designed by Inge Lagae who inspires herself from her travels and the people she meets along the way. Fascinated by materials and craftsmanship of each and every culture she comes across, Inge cleverly combines tradition and contemporary design.

Material: solid wood available in natural or smoked oak


HT 21: 800x210 - 1000x210 - 1200x210 - 1400x210

HT25: 800x250- 1000x250 - 1200x250 - 1400x250

HT28: 800x280 - 1000x280 - 1200x280 - 1400x280