CMO's new collections showcase wall coverings made of natural fibres with precious and embodied textures. The French house has distinguished itself with its revisited know-how and artisanal techniques, creating a spectrum of combinations that are increasingly more innovative. Together with artisans, CMO has taken wall coverings to a new level. CMO Paris has edited the Hurricane Wall Covering, made with the finest natural fibres crafted by true artisans with over 20 years of experience. The wall coverings and textiles of their collection are renowned for their finesse, rawness, richness, and authenticity, making them perfect for decorating any prestigious space.

Material: 100% Brass on non-woven textile backing - Hurricane quality

Dimensions: usable width / per 91.4 cm

Additional information: certified fire resistant - due to fabrication process, colours may vary from one production to another

Références:  Argent: CMO WME 01 95 - Cuivre : CMO WME 01 70

Price: per usable width / 416€