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Hutchison is the thoughtful study of soft curves and hard lines—a rivalry of vertical and horizontal forces and a play of scale and repetition. Alone, it self-defines as a frank, decorative pendant light. In multiples, it evokes the iconic patterns of Middle Eastern archways and Roman terracotta roofs.

The Canadian based lighting studio Lambert & Fils, continuously delves into the interplay of technology and design to create illuminating pieces. The core ideology centers around the "essence of materials," where light is revered in all its manifestations, examining dimension and the significance of materials.

Material: powder-coated or polished aluminum body, PMMA frosted diffuser, polyester cord

Dimension: H275cm x W24cm x D18cm. Wire length variable, 275cm provided. Dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly.

Weight: 2.4 kg

Colour: available in textured black, textured white, flat terracotta, textured beige, polished aluminium. Cord available in black and white.

Additional information: Pricing announced ex. VAT - additional costs for phase dimming and aluminium finish: extra 200€ to 560€ according to fixture model - quote available upon request