InHale presents a compelling interplay between the solidity of marble and the lightness of air. At the core of the piece is a substantial marble block weighing over 200 kg, which rests atop an inflated metal cushion. The marble, often seen as a symbol of permanence and weight, contrasts starkly with the cushion, a structure that symbolizes transience and airiness.The marble block appears to sink snugly into the cushion, creating a visual illusion where the heavy stone seems to float effortlessly on a volume of air. This juxtaposition highlights the tension between the elements, drawing attention to the interplay of mass and void, solidity and emptiness. The entire structure is enveloped by the metal cushion, emphasizing the unusual relationship between the materials and enhancing the surprising visual effect of a heavy object seemingly supported by something as insubstantial as air.

Ben Storms is a Belgian designer and craftsman renowned for his material-centric approach. By employing state-of-the-art techniques, he transforms materials into captivating shapes that defy conventional expectations. Storms skillfully blends both conceptual thinking and hands-on making, drawing on his refined expertise as a stonemason, sculptor, and woodworker. In his practice, Storms frequently merges traditional craftsmanship with high-tech processes, resulting in unique pieces of furniture that possess a distinctly sculptural character. His work demonstrates a deep understanding of materials and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. 2/8 – Limited edition of eight pieces

Material: Marble Noir de Mazy - inox - air (90%)

Dimension: L200 cm x B100 cm x H30cm Other dimension possible upon request

Color: marble available in black (Marbre Noir de Belgique) or textured (Saint-Anne) - various marble available upon request - cushion available in metal or brass

Weight: 250kg