Inkjet N°#03

Inkjet N°#03

Clemens Gritl

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The artwork is part of the series, “A Future City From The Past”. Looming concrete forms stretch to the horizon, casting shadows across deserted motorways, their articulated facades and pitch black windows bathed in an ominous, silent gloom. No life, just architecture, these bleak black and white landscapes, dominated by the imposing geometric structures of the scaleless super-Brutalist megacity, overwhelm with their uncompromising, overpowering corporality. The revolutionary social visions of mid-century architecture inspired the artist‘s deep fascination for such structures. Through detailed 3D computer models, he refracts and redefines the „urban utopias“ of the 20th century, erecting on his digital scaffold disturbing architectural possibilities for an imagined urban future. 

Clemens Gritl is the creative force behind these artworks. His portfolio includes a long list of impressive credentials- having completed his architectural studies in both Munich and Rome before developing 3D computer models that reflect and explore urban utopian ideas from the 20th century.

Material: Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper, aluminium board, oiled oak wood frame

Dimensions: unframed H180 x W75 - framed: H185 x W80x D4 cm

Color: black and white 

Additional information: Limited Edition of 15, all numbered and signed - available framed or unframed