The value of change in a simple act. Karen Chekerdjian’s creation puts design front and center: from one foundation, multiple possibilities. Always in pursuit of color which, more than ever before, enhances the purity of the shapes. Bursting with undeniable energy courtesy of the marble they are made of, each item from the Inside Out Collection defines its function without distorting the convivial nature of a piece thought for a contemporary interior.

This elegant table belongs to the next collection of MMairo - a Tuscan based design studio established in Carrara. There, they produce furniture and objects made from superior quality marbles which are then handed to local artisans for the hand-finish process. The company takes its name from the etymological origin of marble - the Greek verb marmairo, “to shine”- a clear homage to the artistic material par excellence, the platonic ideal of beauty. Design by Karen Chekerdjian

Material: Bianco Arabescato marble or Travertino 

Dimension: 120 x 36 x 90 cm 

Weight: 230 kg