The kris, also known as keris, is an asymmetrical dagger from the Malay region. The ancient word ngiris means to cut or slice in Javanese - a bladed weapon that has a narrow, straight, sinuous blade mounted on a broad asymmetrical base.

The kris consists of several parts: the blade -wilah, the handle -ukiran and the sheath -sarong. The blade is always characterised by its decorative shapes and forged pattern - the pamor. The pamor pattern has an important significance as legends attribute magical power to it. For this reason, it is considered to defend its owner in a practical but also spiritual way, and is therefore also considered a magical ritual object: a guard for the body and soul of its owner. Usually worn on the back during ceremonies, it is supposed to protect the owner from attacks by evil spirits. The dagger is a lifelong companion and is passed on from generation to generation, becoming a prestigious family heirloom. This keris handle comes from the Dayak tribe, one of the native groups of Borneo. 


Materials: solid Borneo wood and metal threads

Dimension: H13 x W8 cm 

Weight: 85 gr

Additional information: One of a kind