Kolom Sculpture

Helen Vergouwen

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Helen Vergouwen's monumental and simplistic works are deceptive, the balance between the closed versus pen curves, and the contradictions of thicknesses, lines and sizes etched into the material characterise her work in an almost systematic way. She draws attention to what is not - an open space that plays as important a role as the solid masses surrounding it. A dynamic tension is created between the visible and non-visible parts, small openings that play with light. When exposed to light, some surfaces reveal themselves, others fade into shadow, depending on the position of the piece in relation to the given lighting. Designed for Modern Shapes 

Material: solid wood

Dimension: S: - 14 x 11 x 40cm - L: 21 x 17 x 80 cm

Color: available in mahogany mid-brown or mahogany black