Douman Pour, the designer behind POURNOIR has created this limited, extravagant table made out of oiled nero marquina marble, and raised even further with the black steel iron plates to keep the massive plate above the ground level. The name and inspiration of the table comes from “Dive-Kundag” which can be translated into “Persian Monster” and in Persian literature “Dive” is introduced as a mythical creature with a body like mankind, but giant, with two horns and a tail, ugly and frightening. Based on common narrations they were homely deceived creatures that enjoyed eating the flesh of mankind. They were powerful, cruel and stonehearted. They were skilled in conjuring and their clothes were made of a pelt. The Dives were very powerful and they were able to perform extraordinary tasks. At first glance, the Kundag table seems very light and with a unique sharpness, but getting closer to this incredible piece you feel the heaviness, roughness, and darkness which also lays deep within the giant Dive’s frightening souls.


Size in cm: 230 x 92 x 74 cm


500 kgs


Nero Marquina oiled Marble from Spain, black oiled iron steel plate