Luvale Hand Mask


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This Luvale Hand Mask is a unique artifact, traditionally crafted by the Lovale or Luvale ethnic group of Angola and intended for hand-held use, featuring a convenient handle on the back. Its origin is In Situ, making it a truly authentic piece of African art.The Chokwe ritual mask is usually crafted from vegetable fibres and cloth-paper pieces, adorned in three classic colours - black, red, and white. To wear it, certain qualifications must be met, and to purify the mask and gain the trust of the ancestral spirits, it is traditionally spat upon. This is said to bring protection from any evil influences.

Material: wood

Dimension: 29cm 

Origin: Angola, from an ethnic group close to the Chokwe.

Additional information: one of a kind - if sold similar items available upon request

Please note that vintage items may feature evidence of handcrafted production and should not be misinterpreted as flaws. Stand not included