Roberto Sironi is an Italian designer who has worked with countless design studios. Over the years, he has developed his own design approach and considers each project as a story. Each story reveals itself through research and evolves in different aspects, from rituals and anthropological references to historical memory. His contemporary touch stays faithful to the appropriate context, wherein Roberto draws a synthetic and minimal style, while revealing the poetry of the object.

Madre Pane - a modern interpretation of four sculptural bread stamps. They abstractly represent an egg, a hen, a tree and a mill- stone, these being, respectively, references to Birth, Maternal Protection, Growth and Strength.

Made of refractory ceramic – a tactile raw material found in bakery ovens – the collection is nished in various colours. Each displays the owner’s initial, completing the stamp in traditional fashion. “Madre Pane” stamps are produced by Ceramiche Puzzo in Milan.

Set of 4: 

Egg, Hun, Mill, Tree 


Refractory ceramic 


Terracotta, black or pink