Madre Pane is a tool born of necessity, a bread stamp’s roots that can be traced back to the rural landscapes of southern Italy, in the ancient city of Matera. People often marked their bread before placing it in communal ovens — the practice allowed bakers to recognize and show ownership of their individual goods. Originally hand-carved from wood, they often bore symbols of the pastoral world with apotropaic meanings that also indicated the owner's initials or his family effigy.  Roberto Sironi's modern interpretation is composed of four sculptural bread stamps which abstractly represent an egg, a hen, a tree, and a mill- stone. These symbols being respectively references to Birth, Maternal Protection, Growth, and Strength.

Roberto is an Italian designer who has worked with countless design studios. Over the years, he has developed his own design approach and considers each project as a story- revealing itself through research and evolving in different aspects, from rituals and anthropological references to historical memory.

Set of 4 stamps - Limited Editon for Bazar Noir 

Material: refractory ceramic 

Color: Terracotta, black or pink