MARMINI I is an uncompromising architectural lounge chair built in Verde Alpi, Bianco Carrara and Fior di Pesco marble. To emphasise the comfort of the seating an
oversized cushion made from Lelièvre Paris fabric, covers the entire chaise longue. This lounge chair demonstrates a radical and severe formal shape composed of various juxtaposed triangular shapes. Its simple form appearance is made possible through a complex inner structure that allows the production to use marble of an ecologically reasonable thickness. Simplicity, perfectionism of the shape and excellent craftsmanship exhibit here the natural beauty of the materials used to build this sculptural piece of furniture, «it puts nature on display». Designed by Hannes Peer who drew his inspiration from the conceptual work of French architect Claude Parent or American John Lautner who both liberated architecture from the classic “cubic” spaces and introduced movement through oblique lines in their buildings in the 60’s. 

La Chance is a distinguished French publisher of furniture, rugs, and lighting featuring the works of many cutting-edge designers.

Material:  mixed marbles and textile Helsinki fabric by Lelièvre Paris

Dimension: H41 x L150 x W50cm 

Weight: approx. 80kg

Color: available in Verde Alpi/ green marble, Carrara/ white marble , Fior Di Pesco grey and pink marble and Helsinki seat fabric from Lelièvre Paris  

Bespoke pieces available upon request