Jan Garncarek is a Warsaw and Berlin – based designer. His meticulous crafted objects are strongly influenced by his grandfather traditions for designing small goods. This has always been a great inspiration for the designer who stand alongside his pre-war house in Warsaw, full of mysterious old objects.  Nowadays this experience still has a strong impact on his way of designing various pieces. He combines the need of modernity with tradition and  it is defining his thinking about contemporary design. His products are made in a nonindustrial way and produced in small series, largely based on artisanal work. The individual approach to each item guarantees its high quality.

Metropolis is a handcrafted lamp where its design is mainly inspired by its own material. Being a noble alloy of different material brass is one of the most interesting material to work around when it comes to decorative, formal or industrial projects.  Metropolis it is a combination of all of that, combining past and present times while staying extremely up to date.

Material: solid brass 

Dimension: L52 x H81 xD25cm