This hand-knotted rug is an astonishing work of art that evokes an architectural spirit through its carefully crafted shapes and intricate assemblage. The design of the rug is an invitation to beauty through its organic aspects and brutalist architectural forms. The design, enhanced by dynamic lines and shapes, gives the overall effect of sophistication, the piece exudes a singular, bold yet refined character.
Charlotte Culot and Hannah Vagedes, co-founders of Maison Rhizomes, have joined forces to create their studio, which focuses primarily on rugs that harmoniously combine art and craft. Their source of inspiration is the body of art created by Charlotte, paintings reproduced not on canvas but meticulously crafted on rugs from silk, wool, linen and hemp. Hand-knotted in Nepal.

Material: blend of wool, silk and linen fibres

Dimension: L: 250 x 180 cm or XXL: 320 x 230 cm

Additional information: limited edition of twenty two pieces - customisation available upon request - extra fee occurs