The Moonage Daydream sofa, inspired by the Esprit Noir vague, embodies refined elegance and timeless mystery. The soft, cozy but never excessive forms capture the essence of an era steeped in romance and intrigue. The balance between sinuous lines and restraint makes it the ideal element for a charming space. Fine materials and sophisticated hues complement its seductive appeal, inviting moments of relaxation and contemplation.Moonage Daydream is a modular sofa. The configurations can be made by choosing from four elements: central module, terminal module, wide terminal module and chaise longue.Each element is composed of a wooden shell padded with different densities polyurethane foam, finished with a top layer of acrylic fiber. 

Gio Pagani is a Milan based designer who leverages a team of artisans to offer Italian craftsmanship as a foundation for distinct pieces that are timeless yet cutting-edge. His production process relies on a combination of high couture and physical labor, resulting in meticulously crafted items.

Material: available in fabric or leather upholstery -  base is made of matt black lacquered wood or covered with a metal casing in brushed brass finishes

Dimensions:  available as 2 seater or 3 seater 

Central module: W85 x D105 x H61cm - Seat height 36cm

Chaise longue: W140 x D140 x H61cm - Seat height 36 cm

Terminal module: W105 x D105 x H61cm - seat height 36 cm 

Wide terminal module W145 x D105 x H61cm - Seat height 36cm 

Additional information: each module have a back cushion and a second cushion in 60×60 cm - pricing announced leather category A - other categories of fabric and leather available upon request - pricing ex. VAT