PLUS One Lamp Wall Light

Paul Matter

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Sometimes more can be more and Paul Matter demonstrates this well with his new range of wall lights. Inspired by the international symbol + , known since ancient Egypt, from the Latin alphabet or the Indo-Arabic numbers, a simple form with a singular and repetitive layout. Paul Matter’s three-dimensional interpretation of a + is formed from a single brass tube that is cut, bent and then finished by hand. The light source nestled within emits soft beams of light showcasing its exceptional construction technique as an embellishment. A compact form that multiplies to construct larger fixtures and individual wall hanging arrangements. Finished in burnt, aged, buffed brass or buffed steel.  

Material: brass or steel 


PLUS One Lamp Small: H170 x W167mm 

PLUS One Lamp Large: H254 x W240mm

Finishes available in aged, burnt, or buffed brass - buffed stainless steel or in silvered brass [additional 10% on base price)

Weight: PLUS One Lamp Small:  1 kg- PLUS One Lamp Large:  1.5 kg

Additional information: 1 TYPE G9 Base 3W - 5W LED, warm light - CE CERTIFIED, voltage 220V - 240V dimmable upon request

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