Rotin's new version of the palm tree collection, proposed by CMO Paris, has revolutionized craftsmanship standards. Serving as a both a furniture covering and upholstery, it displays a rugged yet upscale look that is further enhanced by its exclusive design.

CMO Paris offers remarkably unique wall coverings and textiles crafted by esteemed artisans. With decades of experience in the field, these expert purveyors of natural fibres have decorated some of the most prestigious establishments. Their collection features a refined blend of textures, all possessing a beguiling raw beauty and real authenticity.

Material: 100% rattan - from palm tree 

Dimensions: sold as panel around 3m² - usable width 149,8cm 

Additional information: certified fire resistant - due to nature of the fiber color can vary from one production to another

Price: per width / 212€

Référence: Rotin Tressé Naturel CMO FRO 03 15 - Rotin Twill CMO FRO 05 15 - Rotin Ajouré Naturel CMO FRO 04 15