SILA is a the creation of various craftsmen from the talented Berlin based Atelier Stefan Leo. Thought as a side-table this piece of gem, shows the intricate work of straw marquetry and solid brass, two unexpected materials which gives the piece – despite their incompatible looks – an unexpected elegant and poetic allure.

Atelier Stefan Leo has been building up a reputation based on singular interior objects. Whether a table, a sideboard or a lamp, the diversity of their craftsmanship, combined with their knowledge of sparse skills added to the vast variety of materials being used- contribute to their unlikeness. Their collection is a combination of elegant objects made of mixed and unforeseen materials which reflect both designers Stefan Leo and Hans-J. Pahl’s love for timeless design and playful approach, where limitation is never an option. The atelier counts various talented and merging craftsmen and – woman, which works are being shown in galleries worldwide. Each creation coming out of their workshop is being highly valued and placed on numerous projects for which they produce bespoke pieces that meet all requirements and expectations.


Straw marquetry and solid brass


Ø 62.5 x H53 cm


Green - Also available in 30 colours upon request