Set of  seven pieces including a big jug, a sugar bowl and four cups designed in conjunction with the Taiwanese company Lin’s Ceramics Studio.The purple clay in this instance is Lin’s Ceramics Studio’s particular brand of Purion ware, which is twice fired over a period of 48 hours in the kiln at a stoneware temperature. Fifty sets have been produced, with each having a slightly different finish due to the firing of the clay. Purple clay is prized because of the absorbent qualities of the material, so for this reason the set should never be washed using detergents, but rather with water only, and connoisseurs recommend using each vessel for one blend of tea or coffee.

Studio VW+BS brought a very functional European aesthetic to the material.  The cups, small jug  and bowl are all stackable and the pot lid can be used on all the pieces.

Natural and untreated purple clay

Jug: 24 cm
Cups and Sugar dispenser: 6 cm
Milk jug: 12 cm


Brown patina with purple shades

Additional information
Set of 7 pieces