The sisal expresses its precious vision when its large leaves are individually inlaid by hand and positioned to allow each one to play differently with the light. Thanks to the precision of the master craftsman, the extraordinary geometric patchwork reveals the base of the covering, a mixture of gloss and matt sublimates the fibre.

CMO Paris publishes rare textiles and wall coverings from far away. Created in an artisanal way by true masters of natural fibres. A passion for these exceptional materials they cultivate for more than 20 years, with which they decorate prestigious places. The wall coverings and textiles of their collection express their intrinsic qualities: finesse, rawness, richness and authenticity.

Material: 100% sisal on non woven backing

Dimensions: usable width 90cm 

Additional information: certified flame retardancy - due to its natural fibre color can vary from one production to another

Reference: Sisal Noir: CMO WSI 01 80 - Sisal Losange Tabac Noir: CMO WSI 02 70

Price/ per width: Sisal:  72€ - Sisal Losange 157€