One of the most discernible collections from Ukrainian studio FAINA is the Soniah series that bears a strong identity with its sunflower-like stem legs which seem to have been fed with energy from the ground. Like a sunflower head, the wall lamp features a primitive naive design and living tactile surface. Shaped by hand from organic material based on clay, the piece animates the space with delicate light.

FAINA Design is a multidisciplinary live design studio founded by architect and designer Victoria Yakusha. With her team, all projects are linked to make Ukrainian design recognizable to the world, playing the role of modern Ukrainian design ambassador, which reveals the soul and creativity of their people.

Material: a blend of upcycled steel, flax rubber, wood chips, cellulose, and clay all with a biopolymer cover

Dimension: available as Big bra 65 x 650 x 410mm - Medium bra: 550 x 550 x 390mm or Small bra: 450 x 450 x 360mm

Color: beige also available in 12 various tones upon request

Additional information: shaped by hand from a blend of organic materials, the SONIAH collection has a live tactile surface. Irregularity on the surface should not be seen as flaws. For a set of 3 sconces: S,M, L .. price: 3689€