Niclas Jørgensen studies objects used in everyday situations – from parking signs to stadium lights. He attempts to discovered unnoticed archetypes and turning them into design objects. He deduces the essence of the object which appeals to a human primal collective subconscious archive of shapes. The current series of lights take the qualities of Scandinavian design language combined with the gestalt of everyday archetypical objects. In an attempt to create objects that stretch into the realms of timeless shapes. Their postures articulate their very own attitudes but they all resonate in our fundamental layout of aesthetics.


Brass / stainless steel / black. Opaline blown glass spheres.


H190cm x W76 cm

Additional information

Input voltage: 120V / 240V, dimmable The angle of the lamp (glass spheres) is adjustable and the legs can be disconnected for transportation.