This imposant and strong statement lamp is the result of Jan Garncarek's quest for a new design path. Through his exploration and searches he came to this object qualified as conceptual design, with the aim of surprising by its scale and imposant weight. An unusual combination of materials used in an unprecedented way, a shape that does not refer to the usual lamp shape, the Stone Kinetic sheds light however and  enables the user to perceive design from a new perspective. The structure is cut from a marble stone block that let a cut surface appears in which a brass ring is incorporated. When slightly touched, the brass ring turns out to be a cylinder that slides out of the stone. From another simple touch, the light turns off and the cylinder slides back in. Designed by Jan Garncarek in cooperation with Granity Skwara Company

Material: marble block, solid brass and glass walls 

Dimension: H71 x W68cm 

One of a kind