In Ukrainian ,strikha' designate a straw roof. Light leaks from the Strikha lamp's shade through the patterns of the willow vine. Reminiscence of the pouring heat of sun onto the Ukrainian village homes. Created in three various formats, STRIKHA radiates a warmth and pure light even in the darkest days of winter.

FAINA Design is a multidisciplinary live design studio founded by architect and designer Victoria Yakutia. All of her projects are linked to make Ukrainian design recognizable to the world, playing the role of modern Ukrainian design ambassador, which reveals the soul and creativity of their people.

Material: willow vine, steel frame

Dimension: 2 sizes available L: 1560 x 1560 x 550 mm - S: 930 x 930 x 300 mm

Additional information: Socket: E27 - voltage: 220V - power frequency: 50HZ -  wattage: 10W - cable length 3 meter - cable type 2x0.5 - steel wire rope with a clamp - E27 bulbs - 3x40mm dowel