Like a submarine that suddenly appears on the surface of a calm ocean, the Sublight emerged from weathered steel plates Roland de Mul has found. While exploring  possibilities, steel as a material starts to ressemble the form of an underwater vessel. By keeping the source of light out of sight, mysteriousness is created similar as a submarine’s light moving through dark waters. The Sublight is an example of Roland de Mul’s intuitive way of designing. Most of his works start as an idea where the chosen material completes the last part of the puzzle. Sometimes it’s the material and its possibilities that lead to an idea or a design. His objects have character , are quite bold and masculine and because of this intuitive designing process, the amount of objects is limited. Designed by Roland de Mul




Length 210 cm



Additional information

features Dimmable LED light

Wdstck is an Amsterdam based brand offering art and design from seven different artists. Most objects are available in limited copies and provided with a certificate of authenticity.