The Altar is a piece of furniture that pays homage to the Béguines, a Christian lay religious order in Western Europe between the 13th and 16th centuries. Its design was inspired by altars and prayer kneelers from their meditative spaces. Each component of the Altar is hand-cut from metal and skilfully welded, producing a delicate assembly of thin strips which appear near invisible and give off an ethereal feel. coseincorso is a design studio established by Marzia Cerio and Marwann, focused on reviving poetics and cultural context in production processes. By utilizing local knowledge and artisans, their pieces capture the true essence of the place's history, archaeology, and geography.

Marzia Cerio and Marwann, co-founders of coseincorso design studio, specialize in fusing poetics and culture to create unique production processes. By delving into local resources and incorporating traditional techniques, they create distinct items with their hands. These artisans source raw materials from the area, delving into its history, archaeology, and geography to bring about the true essence of their work.

Material: steel

Dimension: H45.5 x W90 x D25 cm

Weight: 10 kg

Additional information: limited edition of 15 - Made in Belgium