TRYST is a chandelier that explores the relationship between interlocked forms in perfect union and balance. A study of form and function that evokes the grace and strength of the contributor where forms simply rest on each other, implying counterweight quality. The electricity seamlessly flows within. Two versions available TRYST Three Chandelier or TRYST Six Chandelier.

Material: Brass and porcelain finish glass 

Finishes: aged, burnt, buff or textured brass

Dimension and weight: 

TRYST Three Chandelier:  1143mm - 15 kg - ref.PMTR3

TRYST Six Chandelier: 2057.4mm - 30 kg - ref.PMTR6

Additional information: 3 type E27 Medium base - 6W LED - warm white - CE certified, Voltage 240V Dimmable upon request

Price ex. VAT