Uralito is inspired by the constructive solutions of Galician rural houses, impossible combinations of corrugated metal, corrugated iron and soffits patched to the roofs. Uralito is assembled by hand and consists in assembling corrugated plates together.

Formabesta is a Galician-based Studio which designs and produces functional, simple but yet elaborate objects. The studio is runned by Salvador Cidrás and Vicente Blanco, through their work they are aiming to recover the traditional and artisanal Galician way of manufacturing.

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Stoneware clay


#04: L15cm x H32cm #09: L17,5cm x H34cm


Natural clay

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The brownish hue and the slightly grainy textured structure of the surface are left unglazed as part of the decoration. This unique stoneware vases are in limited edition of two.