Studio 3.8 x BAZAR NOIR

The Spree riverfront studio space, known as Studio 3.8, is nestled among nature and boasts breathtaking views. Located in Berlin Rummelsburg, just a short distance from the city center, this conceptual space is part of a pioneering development project, where diverse individuals in fields such as art, design, entrepreneurship, and creativity come together to form a highly-anticipated community. Studio 3.8 is not only a place for select meetings and gatherings, but also a hub for inspiring interactions and creative exchange.

The studio is designed with an open-space layout, including a mezzanine floor, a spacious lounge area, and panoramic windows overlooking the water and a waterfront terrace. BAZAR NOIR was enlisted to develop an atmosphere that harmonizes with the studio's surroundings while adding a distinct touch to its interior concept. The interior boasts dark wooden floors and wall panels, high ceilings, and a lightweight structure that achieves a harmonious blend of modern and warm elements.

The objective of this project was to maintain a prominent scenery while creating a serene atmosphere in the expansive open space. We also aimed to incorporate a level of adaptability in our selection of pieces, as the interior layout is constantly evolving to accommodate different projects. Furthermore, we were mindful of preexisting elements and had to be flexible in our concept to seamlessly integrate them. Our main focus was on the lounge and seating area on the studio's lower level, boasting a fireplace and stunning view of the Berlin Spree. To preserve the uninterrupted view, we utilised glass materials in our design. Additionally, marble elements were strategically placed for added visual interest. We carefully selected a color palette that complements the surrounding natural elements, with muted tones accented by bold mahogany wood and darker furniture pieces, staying true to the essence of Bazar Noir.

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